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Pony pictures comissions
GF: Star Blaze by Pikachim-Michi
GF: Soaring Grace by Pikachim-Michi
Magic Miracle by Pikachim-Michi
This type of Comission are for make pictures like this of your pony OCs
in the pose you want and i will make the background based on your sonas style 

Send a note to make the deal

// for extra character = +100 :points:
Lineart - flat color - sketchs
RQ: lineart reques join me by Pikachim-Michi
AA: kiss note [yukon's first kiss] by Pikachim-Michi
all Tf chars leroi,bredan,zena,colte by Pikachim-Michi
PV: Request set by Pikachim-Michi
the price start in the base that is a simple Lineart that cost 100 points like the chibi humans or the first example you see. 60 :points: 

the you can add:
to add panels and turns into a semi comic  + 20 :points: "per frame"
to add color to the lineart cost                      + 15 :points: 
to add beutiful eyes to the lineart cost         + 30 :points:
to add and extra character                           + 10 :points: 

is up to you how many things you ask to be add or not. 
or if is just the lineart

Chibi human
resonance nonet by Pikachim-Michi
RQ: for my best friend by Pikachim-Michi
PV: meme[child meme] by Pikachim-Michi
all Tf chars leroi,bredan,zena,colte by Pikachim-Michi
the chibis start in in a based prize of 100 :points: for a flat color chibi human + cuttie eyes color 

and depending in what you add that will be the final prize of your comission 
all those are for single characters

-Normal chibi comission chibi human the archengijinka with the shades and color and the lights cost 150 :points:
- Couple chibi human like the purple tshit girl one and her bf cos 200:points:
- a full picture chibi human like the one you see at the first exmaple cost 250:points:

things you can add
-complex background +100 :points:
-every extra character +50 :points: 

characters Banners
BK: Ryan D' Chevalier by Pikachim-Michi
BK:  i am a pirate by Pikachim-Michi
something like this i guess i will make your char and something that represent him/her behine and will be a cuttie background that goes well with it. 

Human comissions
PV: Dakimura [meme] by Pikachim-Michi
Zeitlos Application - Seo Mi by Pikachim-Michi
PV: Single meme by Pikachim-Michi
PV  art trade tercer cielo by Pikachim-Michi
PV: Event [march10-cooking event] by Pikachim-Michi
human comissions i know they looks not the best since this is something i am still improving but i think they loos good so far so if someone wanna comission me with human chars i can do that 

The based prize start at 400 and the pic will looks like the ones you see in the references specially just the human of course without the references.

anything more specific like a complete picture with background 
cost depending in the background 

+complet background 600 :points: (like the boyandgirl one)
+simple background   500 :poitns: (like the cooking one)

every extra character cost +100 :points:

sketchy pictures
If I Die Young by Pikachim-Michi
are pictures that i dont make clean linearts but the efects makes it looks cool 
can be simples or with others efects depending in what you are searching for. 

the prize didnt change beside what you ask  i will make it looks like the examples you see 
STC: double date - entri by Pikachim-Michi
BK: Drink up me 'earties by Pikachim-Michi
Skc: Emergency by Pikachim-Michi
GMC: Is Okey [part 1] by Pikachim-Michi
The Triplets of Belleville by Pikachim-Michi
RH:  now that it's me and you by Pikachim-Michi
as you can see everything is detail and the backgrounds are made full detail too 
maximun of charactares you can ask just 1 with this the prize based is 800 :points:

+background / +style
+ always have the best of my skills

things you can add:
+ extra character 100 :points:

send me a note to make the deal
COMPLEX PICTURES - simple backgrounds
SWAP: nomnomnomnonm by Pikachim-Michi
SE: meme [crack pair meme] by Pikachim-Michi
RS:  Super Psycho love by Pikachim-Michi
full detail shade-color pictures only two character and and  simple background 

+ extra character 60 :points:

send a note to make the deal
single Characters + color shade ones
WC: silly flying lessons by Pikachim-Michi
Rune the charming prince of dana by Pikachim-Michi
PR: aplicacion [Sheik] by Pikachim-Michi
PkC:  Shasta forest leader by Pikachim-Michi
SWAG: jirogohan- simisear - galactic team by Pikachim-Michi
SIC: lightblue espurr by Pikachim-Michi
This type comissions, i draw in simple way your character with a cute cool espression 
i focus in the eyes and put the flat color add texture and choose a color to based the whole shade and lights "prize base 180 :points:

if you wanna add extra character have an extra cost of 
+50 points   

(check the emonga - pichu picture)

or the style i use for referecence most of the time "prize based 180 :points:"2
+50 points per extra char as always 
+20 points for small pokemons next to them like the one of the combee and raichu 

please note me to know what exactly you will ask
Icon Comissions
CO: Shy cute expression by Pikachim-Michi
Challenge Accepted by Pikachim-Michi
Embarrased by Pikachim-Michi
Yeah by Pikachim-Michi
Each Expression Cost 30 points (more than 4 expresions gets usually around 2-4 gifts expressions)

- let me know via note to make the deal.… (more info here)


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